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        Tokakatiya  -  Support     Create       Balance      Harmony      Abundance       Peace      Grow        Live    -     Mitakuye Oyasin

In this age it will become more and more apparent that the true solution to all the challenges humanity faces
cannot and will not be solved by weapons - bsw

SEE: "Loaded the Disarming History of the Second Ammendment"    by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz

"Let this be our Preamble and Constitution: Have Respect For All." Chief Richard Grass


Traditional & Spiritual
International Government

formed by descendants of Traditionally appointed Dynastic Line of
Grand Chiefs of the General Council

of the Great

A Sovereign Nation International
Re-Established at Bear Butte July 14, 1991

That the people may LIVE!

"If you are not a part of the solution,
you are part of the problem."
Chief Richard

 Educate Yourself about our position & Legal title:

Now let the remedies and rectification begin for

land restoration and reparations."                 Chief Richard Grass

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About US

Chief Charging Bear (John Grass)
Circa 1912

"Now is the Time for the
truth to be known about our culture and traditional way of life"


Chief Richard Grass
DONATION - (Charging Bear)

Traditional Spiritual Dynastic Grand Chief of the Great Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nation re-established 1991 by traditional spiritual Oceti Sakowin at a sacred ceremony at Bear Butte

The above 1970s' photo was taken during
meeting at United Nations in Geneva

Richard Deo Grass is blood line descendent of  Chief Two Strike, Chief Red Cloud, Chief White Swan, Chief Sitting Bull, Old Chief Frost, Chief White Bird, Chief Crazy Horse, and Great Grandson of John Grass, Mato Watapke, Great Grandson of John Grass, Mato Watapke.

Click here to Download/Listen to 4-28-10 online interview with Chief Richard Grass

Chief Richard Grass
work at Geneva and U.N.
Indigenous Rights Timeline

"Upon suffering beyond suffering: the Red Nation shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for a sick world. A world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separations. A world longing for light again. I see a time of Seven Generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again. In that day, there will be those among the Lakota who will carry knowledge and understanding of unity among all living things and the young white ones will come to those of my people and ask for this wisdom. I salute the light within your eyes where the whole Universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am that place within me, we shall be one." - Chief Crazy Horse

This site is Growing & Under constant construction as we continue to add information from the wealth of papers left to us by Chief Richard Grass
DONATION . Please visit often - we are the Traditional, Spiritual elders united for the Balance, Harmony, Abundance, Peace of the Oyate!
On the following menu
- a Traditional Spiritual Flowering TREE - you will find some of the links
(underlined) to this sites many related web pages, hyperlinks to documents on this page, or links to other related web sites designed by others which we feel lend itself to the extensive subject matter.
To best get a grasp of what we offer on this extensive web site, like the flourishing growth of a great tree, we suggest that you start with the Soil Links, go down through soil then up to roots, down root column, then back up to Trunk, down etc..
This web site is a work in progress, thus titles or headings not yet underlined are still under construction and will be updated to developed pages as soon as possible. This site will continue to expand to include the wealth of documents, notes and correspondence from
Chief Richard Grass
estate which we intend to make public per his specific direction before his untimely death, as time, resources, and energies permit. You may use the back arrow on your browser (above left corner of page) to navigate back to the page where you started. Each page on this site may also contain their own unique menus with many additional references, hyperlinks to related subjects on this site or others, links to related online resources, and photos (many of which are copy written and/or for use on this official Lakota Dakota Nakota Nation web site only). We appreciate and expect your showing respect for this information presented, by using it to walk in a sacred manner utilizing your own unique and sacred personal responsibility to manifest Balance, Harmony, Abundance and Peace to bless this traditional spiritual nation today, and future generations of all our relations by reading and abiding by our Copyright Statement and Disclaimer.)

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Welcome Home

Matriarchal Society

We are a Spiritual Traditional People


And why the U.S. still can't legally deny the 1851-1868 Treaties

Reclaiming the
Black Hills

Map of Treaty Lands

Rejection of Supreme Court Doc #74 (U.S. "award" to "buy"
Black Hills)
Chief Richard Grass
DONATION Letter to Obama White House & other U.S. Officials on

Chief Richard Grass
DONATION work at Geneva and U.N.
Indigenous Rights Timeline

Yuwitaya Lakota Dakota Nakota Nation!

give-away & What Money Cannot Buy


Mission Statement


Alloidal Title

"Indian Sovereignty -
It's Alive"

Excerpts from page 206 from book "The Great Sioux Nation - Sitting in Judgement on America" by Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz

Spiritual Traditional Government Reconvenes at Bear Butte 1991


Article 2 of Treaty
(still in force)

"Lakota Nation: Mirror of America"
" The entire class of jobless, semi-employed, marginally surviving Americans is being pushed to the level of the Indian reservation."

Upon suffering beyond suffering the Red Nation shall rise again...

Unsolved Murders on Pine Ridge

Correspondence with Contemporary U.S. Government Leaders

A broken treaty haunts the Black Hills


The Welch Dakota Papers

OUR SACRED LANDS INTEGRAL to life/ health of our people, Government

in 2013

of a Bully

(this applies to Nations also)

Click here to Download/Listen to 4-28-10 online interview with Chief Richard Grass

Oceti Sakowin

Mitakuye Oyasin

Grass Chiefs Dynasty

Heir to Sovereignty of Lakota Dakota, Nakota Nation

Immigration on our Sacred Lands

The Sihasapa Story

Chief Grass speaks on Indigenous Rights U.N. 1993

Healing a Nation, a Culture, a People-
Audio from National Geographic
Canadian Appeal

U.N. Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Chief Richard Grass
DONATION Photos Page

A long held manuscript by Angeline Boylne is ready to be published


Tribunals and Appeals

Our True History AND line of Sovereignty

The Keeping of Sacred Words

We are a Traditional People

Chiefs Charter

Progressives vs Traditionalists?

Chief John Grass
(Charging Bear)

The LDN Nation Seal

White Buffalo Four Directions Medicine Shield

Spiritual Values healing or divisive? If it's real - it heals!


Tribunals and Appeals

Charges and Incarcerations Inequities

Member Bands

Legal Council

Learning and Preserving the Lakota Language

Balance, Harmony, Abundance, Peace





The "Medicine" Herb for Mending

Two Leggeds Walking the Good Red Road

Matriarchal Society Chief
Richard Grass
(Mato Watapke - Charging Bear)
Susie Grass
John Grass & 1891 Sioux Delegation to DC 2001 Battlefield March for Indian Memorial

NOT a 501c under the dominant culture dictates

Online Interviews

Video Page

8th Ceremony

BIG Jan 2018 CONGRATULATIONS TO our “Sioux” speaking relatives!MONACANS RECIEVE FEDERAL RECOGNITION!More News and Links




"Let this be our Preamble and Constitution: Have Respect For All."
Now let the remedies and rectification begin for land restoration and reparations." Chief Richard Grass

Mitakuye Oyasin

The following Photo from late 1800's of Great Great Grandfather Charging Bear (John Grass) who was present with his Father at the signing of the Original Ft. Laramie Treaty of September 17, 1851, and was a signer of the Treaty of Fort Laramie, Apr. 29, 1868. More details about the "indian" version of events of those times to be published in a book about John Grass from long held and well documented manuscripts passed down through generations. We hope to see this book widely pubished as well as update the web pages regarding it soon.

Webmaster & surviving Sister to Chief Richard Grass
(Charging Bear) Great Great Granddaughter to
Chief John Grass (pictured left)

Richard Deo Grass (Blood line descendent of  Chief Two Strike, Chief Red Cloud, Chief White Swan, Chief Sitting Bull, Old Chief Frost, Chief White Bird, Chief Crazy Horse, and  Great Grandson of John Grass, Mato Watapke)   Chief Richard Grass
DONATION is the last appointed Traditional Spiritual Dynastic Grand Chief of the Great

LAKOTA, DAKOTA, NAKOTA NATION, (L.D.N.), A Sovereign Nation International, Re-Established at a council and solemn ceremony at Bear Butte July 14, 1991 by the descendants of Traditionally appointed Dynastic Line of Grand Chiefs of the General Council  -  Oceti Sakowin – the Seven Council Fires 


























"If you are not a part of the solution,

you are part of the problem." Chief Richard Grass

"Our Traditional spiritual ways have great power, and it is time we worked with that."

Mission Statement

Following the footsteps of my Great Grandfather, Chief John Grass, as Chief for the L.D.N. Nation and dynastic Grand Chief of the General Council, I have posted this web site for educational purposes as a resource of strength and pride for our people, to help broaden understanding of our nation, and to give insight into the work being prayerfully done to see that the treaties now still in force are finally honored, as the remaining peace loving traditional spiritual ways of governance of our Oyate continue to work to preserve our broad land base, our unique and beautiful languages, traditional, cultural, and spiritual ways of life for our people now and to benefit all nations' future generations. The Lakota have no intention of depriving anyone of their equity or just title. In simpler terms, the Lakota have a proprietary right as principal, and the U.S. as agent has made huge profits and incurred great losses using the lands, resources, and peoples of the Lakota region. The losses are now so great that the principal must institute special measures to correct the problem because the principal is the one upon whom such a duty is incumbent. Thus the Lakota Chiefs have several projects in mind to ... that should also benefit the world at large, one being, the creation of this website... Chief Richard Grass
(whose work continues through his sister, webmaster, and those remaining few elders who have workerd with and witnessed the 1991 ceremony at Bear Buttle re-establishing this nation for the 7th Generation.


1. To be recognized as a viable Nation (not a corporation or state) continuing to work internationally to implement successful ways to preserve our broad land base, unique and beautiful languages, traditional, cultural, and spiritual ways of life for our people now and to benefit all nations' future generations.

2. To work with what talents and funds that come to keep this web site online and to find some way to see that the truth of our nation and ways may be finally told and broadly published; the the manuscript "John Grass, American Indian Patriot" written by Angela A. Green Boleyn, in the Moon of the Tipsin Buds, 1961, and later gifted by her family heirs at her request to the remaining Grass family dynasty may finally be published and made available to all peoples.. This book has awaited a good time and way to be published in it's entirety, to tell the world of the true Spiritual Traditonal  Lakota-Dakota-Nakota story and our ways of life, as well as to finally reveal many unknown facts about the Battle of the Little Bighorn, our true peaceful and cooperative relationships with many tribes, and document our nations' origins and the dynastic line of Traditional Chiefs that have been preserved down to this day.

3. To maintain, grow and support this web site and the administrative costs of the L.D.N. Nation, so that workable ways may be found and implemented for our nation to thrive again, to strike a balance of living within our traditional values in these modern times so that we may become a strong, dynamic, self sufficient and self sustainable soveriegn nation living in respect of Mitakuye Oyasin (all our relations - we are all related) and thus begin again to provide for the many urgent needs of ALL our people both on and off the reservations.

4. To publish this informational website worldwide as a vehicle to communicate to all interested parties the facts about the Treaties made between this nation and others, and present additional relevant documentation, so as to educate and work through all available legal and international means to see that the provisions and implications of these treaties are finally and fully understood and honored by all parties.

Click here to Listen to a 4-28-10 online interview with Chief Richard Deo Grass, descendant to Chief John Grass (Mato Watapke - Charging Bear - Oglala, Lakota, Sihasapa) wherein he explains how he was eventually located by the Elders and informed of his lineage and duties to re-establish this nation.

"Sioux"/Lakota/Oceti Sakowin/Seven Council Fires/Buffalo Nation/LDN

In reference to the word “Sioux “ in these documents, and throughout this web site, we are
The Lakota Dakota Nakota Traditional and Spiritual Government,
a Sovereign Nation International

which form a free spirited, diverse and free ranging
sovereign government . Its governmental expression and citizenry may also be understood to be and is often referenced by it’s shortened form, i.e.
The LDN Nation, sometimes also referred to as The Lakota or The Lakota Nation (although in fact we encompass many more bands and tribes than the "Lakota Nation" implies). In addition to the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota tribes (whose many citizens now reside throughout the "United" States, Canada and abroad), in our way of kinship relationship, we include what remains today specifically
all of the descendants, peoples and tribes of those nations who signed with us the
Treaties of 1851 - 1868

This is a unique, traditional and spiritual government that walks the Red Road with our sacred cannupa before us (Peace Pipe), which re-established itself in the 1980s and in a solemn assembly along with an authentic traditional spiritual ceremony at Bear Butte July 1991 Chief Richard Deo Grass - Charging Bear - was officially installed and appointed as the heir and modern day successor to the John Grass dynasty of Chiefs (John Grass – Charging Bear - family of Chiefs were present at and signed both of the Treaties referred to throughout this web site, John Grass was a major strategist at the Battle of the Little Big Horn and went to Washington on numerous occasions in noble attempts to negotiate with U.S. officials on behalf of the LDN Nations' peoples).

This web site has been established in order to give a peaceful place and respectful forum with which to educate and unite our people as intended by our ancestors who prayerfully signed the treaties, now SEVEN GENERATIONS later; to document these facts and make them public throughout the world and to re-establish our natural kinship relationship upon our lands to bless all our relations. Mitakuye Oyasin. Through this means we hope to bring attention to and publish the truth of our history, in part by putting into print manuscripts about the life and times of Chief John Grass passed down to our family for publication in these times.

This government was and has always been integrally involved in still in holding to the Treaties of 1851 – 1868 and is totally committed to seeing them honored fully by both parties. Although we welcome and embrace any who walk in a sacred manner in traditional spiritual ways of our ancestors (regardless of their race or affiliations in the dominant culture), this LDN Government operates and is separate and distinct from any other forms of “government” ,movements, self publicized “holy leaders”, corporations, 501c "non-Profit" establishments or U.S. Government sponsored organizations and social or tribal government or militant backed groups or corporate sponsored programs expressed upon “Sioux” lands and territories per the findings, statements and documents on this official web site and hereby presented.

Many of the entire original legal documents on this web site remain on file not only at the U.S. Government and United Nations offices to where they were sent at that time. The entire Richard Deo Grass collection has been gifted in 2014 by surviving sister to Chief Grass to the University of South Dakota to be archived and made availbalbe to future generations.  Copes also reside at the offices of the Lakota Dakota Nakota Nation in the Center of the Nation. We ask that you use this information to educate all peoples of our position and situation and to help carry our cause to peaceful resolution on the world stage so that our traditional spiritual nation may thrive and live once again on our sacred lands in the natural way promised us. Also we ask that you please respect our Copyright statement. Webmaster


Following is an excerpt from the writings of Spiritual Traditional Chiefs signed by Reginald Bird Horse, Sr., [then acting] Chief Executive Officer of the Lakota Dakota Nakota National Government, Joseph A. Walker, who was at the time Vice-Chief Executive Officer, Lakota Dakota Nakota National Government, Chief Richard Grass
1990's letter to M.C. Van Walt Van Praag - General Secretary of U.N.P.O. International
Patricia Van Nippen Tot Sevenaer - Head of Legal Department U.N.P.O. International

We have been discussing all of these laws, mainly U.S.A. laws, they derive from man-made laws. Here in the U.S.A. elected senators and congressmen make and interpret these laws according to their constitution, and of course a lawyer to refine it, but their best interest is themselves. All these laws must be backed up by their constitution and a standing army. As for International Law, it too has been defined refined and exploited towards these bigger government interests. Even laws like the Charter of the United Nations Resolution, are backed up by a multi-national force of the standing army, so we believe they are both a fraud. All they really are, are regulated acts of piracy.

Same way that multi-national corporations are set on trying to enforce this federal law on us indigenous peoples in this Western Hemisphere. Or the World community like the "World Order" , another fraud.

We as Lakota Nation live by the spiritual laws, and by natural laws, which are mainly laws of respect for everything that lives, and surrounds you. No fraud about that.

We have come to a decision, we have to start paticipating and we mean everybody, to change some of these unnatural laws, anyway we came to help protect true human rights, and the indigenous property and land titles, to the full extent.  This should happen as soon as possible, so we will start sending the names of potential selected lawyers, of course these lawyers want pay, and we are pennyless at the present time.  However, they and we know our ccause is worthwhile, the indigenous peoples.

Thank you.


Chief, Richard Grass , Lakota, Dakota, Nakota nation


This website has now been created from dreams as a give away and a gathering place for the documentation of the general philosophies, ideals, history, and the ongoing organization and work by spiritual traditional Chiefs and the few remaining traditional spiritual Elders of a free spirited people re-established and re-awakened as a sovereign nation international at Bear Butte on July 14, 1991.

Since more and more of our natural freedoms to care for the lands, peoples, and resources our ancestors bestowed upon us in good relationship have, over the last 200 years, been assimilated, polluted, pillaged, made political, or covered over in concrete, carpet, garbage and red tape, corrupted within the methodical, mindless and heartless structure and oftentimes genocidal and dangerous attempts of the dominating culture to "control" us and the many natural nations within the borders of the lands left us through treaties our forefathers signed in good faith, we recognize that in the name of "progress" by the deliberate design and intent of the dominating culture, all done in the name of "growth at any cost" (i.e.manifest destiny), it has proved very difficult and seemingly impossible, for our people, and all our relatives left in the natural world, to remain healthy, free and in balance until now.

But as the buffalo faces into the storm, we still live today, and walking forward in a sacred manner, we continue to look for a good way to find balance. It is time for us to find a solution, take personal responsibility to be the solution, and solve the many problems that face our nation (not be the problem). As far as the Wasichus are concerned, we have always been the problem - and in many ways through their education of us, we have "listened" to their decrees for us, and fallen into deeper despair, fear and a sense of total resignation and powerlessness.

Yet, true to the prophecies and visions of our ancestors, as if through a miracle, our women have continued to teach our traditions, the ways of our ancestors, our languages, our history and spiritual and cultural heritage which operated for centuries as a matriarchal society. Much of which is still untold now finds a crack in the surrounding concrete and in this small way still remains with hope, stands strong now only as each individual associated with us is awakened, understands and is lifted up, honored, and effectively practices the great power for good and restitution that now remains in our nation and within the power of our hands and hearts, so that we may continue towards the needed flowering and healing of our nation with responsible thought and united, appropriate, and harmonious action. "If you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem." Chief Richard Grass

Our prayer continues that we may yet find workable effective ways to create a viable, safe and abundantly nurturing environment to grow each individual within our nation and beyond, encourage and educate each to take full responsibility in respectfully expressing their own unique and sacred life way within the circle, and to thus honor the whole and gather back the sacred tools and resources still available to us, to mend, heal, and thrive in peaceful wholeness and bring back to life the peaceful dignified ways of Saons, the ancestors, and rebirth in spirit the Seven Council Fires - Oceti Sakowin.

This web site is a long held dream that now awakens through the crystal stones (used in every computer around the globe) to communicate to two-leggeds world wide for this purpose so that we may now join our hands and hearts towards a better and more whole expression of our sacred circle and honor life now and bring it forward to bloom in good ways for future generations of all our diverse relatives both living and all but "extinct" upon unci maka.

We are a free people in heart if we open our hearts to live in love and gratitude and not fear and bitterness...and as such, as free human beings we can re-visit our traditional and spiritual ways and walk in a sacred manner, salvaging and repairing, and in some cases constructing and re-inventing what we can of a culture and way of life that has been broken, but not beyond hope. With deep appreciation and respect, we individually can move towards prayerfully exploring peaceful healing life ways to mend the sacred hoop and exercise our freedoms as a life honoring people/nation to again walk in beauty in balance, harmony, abundance and peace so that the people may live! Wicozani

Our position & Legal title: Reclaiming the Black Hills

Welcome Home - from Webmaster

DEFINITION: Moreover, as Chief of the Lakota Nation, Chief Richard Grass
s the head of the embodiment of the Great Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nation, which is a foreign sovereign international government in the respect that it embodies three united nations that co-exist with the United States and Canada. Noting that the “state” is a community or assemblage of people, and the “government” is the political agency through which it acts in international relations, and a foreign “state” is perpetual and survives its form of government and the granting or refusal of recognition of the new government of a foreign state has nothing to do with the foreign state itself as an international person (21 Federal Reporter, 2d Series: 396-397 - in letter filed with Social Security Administration for Richard Grass, Under 26 USC Section 509(a)2) he should be afforded non-private foundation status by the Federal Government… letter to U.S. Dept. of State Leslie Garrison, Deputy

Mitakuye Oyasin 

Our Mother lands and her "resources" continue to be occupied and stripped of their sacred and intricate riches, and no monetary benefits nor even a portion of the "profits" from these multi-million dollar generating activities by the dominating culture have yet found their way to benefit or grow our traditional spiritual sovereign nation. If you would like to donate funds to help reach towards our Mission Statement and Goals p

Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nation
P.O. Box 884
Belle Fourche, SD 57717

We are NOT a 501c operating under the dominating culture, but exist under careful, thoughtful compliance and currently accepted accounting practices well within compliance of the laws of such under the dominating culture of the U.S. We are a traditional spiritual sovereign nation with no visible nor tangible material means of outside funding or support other than the work of our own heart and hands and any DONATION s you may choose to make here are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE by U.S. imposed laws, but deeply needed and appreciated if you are willing to help support our traditional spiritual nation.  If you have crafts or material items available for sale that you would like to contribute to help raise funds for the prayerful and dream inspired continuation and update of this site and this Lakota Dakota Nakota Sovereign Nation, please send email to Webmaster..  Pilamayeahya - THANKYOU

"If you are not a part of the solution, you are part of the problem." Chief Richard Grass

 Mitakuye Oyasin - All my relations

2018! A MUST READ for ALL PEOPLE ! -

"All the REAL INDIANS Died off" and 20 other myths about Native Americans

 by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz Author of an Indigenous Peoples History of the United States and Dina Gilio-Whitaker


"A Society that has no locks can tolerate no thief; without paper or other easy record of man's word it can tolerate no liar, and no troublemaker if there is no jail, no prison.  Such a society must orient its young very early.  If, in addition, there is no established creed, no organized priesthood, no one to say what must be believed, or to offer a refuge, then the members of that society must be given a strong sense of their inalienability from all things of the earth and the sky and all that lies between.  This sense must not be that of the infant, to whom all things are joined, his to command, but that of the adult, upon whose conduct all things are dependent.  When men are not brave the rains fail for all, and when the women lose their virtue the buffalo do not return."
Marie Sandoz  "These Were the Sioux"

 “These men, Red Cloud, Gall, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, had they been permitted to grow and expand, would have held up our Dakotah Nation to the admiration of the world, I believe.  But they are all dead now.

It is my opinion that, if this nation had been left alone, had been permitted to work out their own salvation as other young nations have done before and since, when they first came into touch with the effects of civilization, they would have produced some fine specimens of mental manhood.

They would have become capable of seeing their destiny and the responsibility of government and advancement along the lines of civilized customs, and seeing it, they would have developed the power of thought and mentality which would have carried this nation to an apex of respect and admiration among the great nations and peoples of the world.

I am sure of this.

I am sorry we were not permitted to do this.

We wanted to.” Quote from John Grass (Mato Watapke to his Adopted son AB Welch

Thunderbeing beaded buckle from the estate of
Chief Richard "Charging Bear" Grass 1991-2010
Traditional, Spiritual Dynastic Chief of LDN Nation

Woefully Remembered in 2013

Our position & Legal title:


Canadian Sioux Valley Dakotas' Sovereignty
still in process of being recognized by Canadian Government!

"Sioux Valley Dakota Nation has reached the end of negotiations with the Government of Canada and the Government of Manitoba as of June 28, 2011. We are one step closer to our goal of Self-government. This is a significant achievement as it took 20 years of perseverance to get to this point. This is good news for Sioux Valley Membership and the decision is now in the hands of the oyate. The next steps will be the Ratification of the Agreements by Sioux Valley Dakota Nation members. Sioux Valley Dakota Nation will benefit because
the members will regain the right to govern themselves." MORE

In the News! See August 2012
National Geographic Magazine
for an overview

Reclaiming the Black Hills

"Lakota Traditional Government Reconvenes"
A Sovereign Nation was re-established at Bear Butte
on July 14, 1991

Click here to learn of Chief Richard Grass
work in Geneva ultimately led to the United Nations '
Declaration of Rights of
Indigenous Peoples

Above photo is of Richard Charging Bear Grass. He directed the forming of this web site and bequeathed and appointed that all his correspondence, the nations' official seal, and the multiplicity of documents from the many years of work he did for the LDN nation during his lifetime, were to be to be published here and carried forward by his adopted sister and Webmaster, Bunny Sings Wolf

The former OFFICIAL web site addresses we have used since 7-8-9  i.e. and
will no longer be active domains used by us online, but the existing content of these two web sites are now incorporated and joined per Chief Richard Grass
direction and request, on this Summer
~June 20, 2012~

and courageously made public into these times as he desired.  With prayerful heart, we continue the legacy of the Grass Dynasty of Chiefs, our ancestors whose spirits we now endeavor to work in harmony with, and to finally reveal from manuscripts held by the Grass family for generations, and from the piles of legal documents, press releases and correspondence passed down to us from Chief Richard Grass
the long held truths of our history per our previously published
Mission Statement and Goals. We wish to give birth to and re-establish understanding of the spiritual and traditional LDN Nation and bring balance to what remains of our authentic spiritually based people by gifting the tools and teachings both past and present by which to mend the sacred hoop.  Through this educational site it is our hope that by embracing, walking in and thus reclaiming respectful kinship relationship as our Mothers and Grandmothers have taught us, and as was prophesied long ago, ultimately we may bless all our relations with these teachings to bring understanding and life honoring ways of our ancestors back into practice in daily lives in
Balance, Harmony, Abundance, Peace.
Mitakuye Oyasin

Webmaster & Sister to Chief Richard Grass
Bunny Sings Wolf
Click Here to listen - White Buffalo Peace Song

"I appear with a visible face,” It says, "Ite taninyan hibuwelo". Then, "Mitamakoceki tatanka omani wagage." "I am the one that causes the buffalo to roam over your land." That's what that says “I am the one." That song, it's kind of a mysterious thing, but it's like the Power that causes the buffalo to move over this land. That's the voice that's talking in that [buffalo] song.

Following are some examples of a few of the many legal documents and correspondence continually being made known and generated by Richard Grass personally and through the tribes' International Attorney on behalf of restoration and reparations

Reclaiming the Black Hills

1995 Ft. Yates Tribunal

1996 Example of U.S. Appeals

Alloidal Title Statement

Canadian Appeal

Charter of Cooperative Assn. of Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Chiefs


International Court & Tribunals

Member Bands

TREATies still in force
The Keeping of Sacred Words



Unrepresented Peoples Org.

GRASS Dynasty of Chiefs

the book  -
John Grass,
American Indian Patriot

written by Angela A. Green Boleyn

How the book came to be

Introduction with the books' Acknowledgements and Legend
Table of Contents

Forward - A Premise to History
The Sihasapa Story

Our Mother lands and her "resources" continue to be occupied and stripped of their sacred and intricate riches, and no monetary benefits nor even a portion of the "profits" from these multi-million dollar generating activities by the dominating culture have yet found their way to benefit or grow our traditional spiritual sovereign nation. If you would like to donate funds to help reach towards our Mission Statement and Goals please send check or money order to us in the Center of the Nation at:

Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nation
P.O. Box 884
Belle Fourche, SD 57717
We are NOT a 501c operating under the dominating culture, but exist under careful, thoughtful compliance and currently accepted accounting practices well within compliance of the laws of such under the dominating culture of the U.S. CAN YOU HELP WITH A



If you are in a hurry, and unfamiliar with this subject matter, here are some brief ARTICLES OF INTEREST;
A broken treaty haunts the Black Hills

article from the Argus Leader 6/27/01

Spirit of the Lakota
article from FEMA  July 6, 1999

"Indian Sovereignty - It's Alive"
Excerpts from page 206 from book "The Great Sioux Nation - Sitting in Judgement on America" by Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz

"Lakota Nation:  Mirror of America"
Quote from that article: " The entire class of jobless, semi-employed, marginally surviving Americans is being pushed to the level of the Indian reservation."

See August 2012
National Geographic Magazine

This Site is Still Under Construction. If you have any ideas, changes, corrections, please contact Webmasterr


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The Power of Attorney and surviving Sister of Chief Richard Charging Bear Grass who continue his work, and who carry forward the legacy and the dynasty of Grass Chiefs, request and desire that none of Richard Grass' photos, nor any of the copy written materials, correspondence, records or photos at this official website be used, dissimulated, nor duplicated at any other web site by any other name, nor for any other use or purpose.

 Much of the content of this web site was first published publicly on the full moon 7-8-9 under the names and which hereafter will no longer be used as official sites for the
Grass Dynasty and LDN Nation (short for Lakota Dakota Nakota Nation) as these sites now courageously merge and will continue to be updated solely under the  name web site published on the summer solstice June 20, 2012  on behalf of the traditional spiritual LDN Nation precisely as Chief Richard Deo Grass (Charging Bear) directed before his passing.

Much of the information on this site has come from the dream time and as a result of slow thinking and much prayer (right brain understanding) and passionate work, it has been carefully guarded and passed down through many generations of Grass descendants, held for release at an appropriate time and way with the intent to best serve, bless, encourage and nurture the unique gifts and perspectives of each sacred human being who chooses to walk in a sacred manner among a free traditional spiritual people.  To flower and bear fruit towards personal respect and responsibility we publish this site with prayerful, spirit directed intent so that our nation may Support, Create, Grow and Live in ways that heal a heart, a nation, a world now and for future generations.  In the traditional spiritual way this information is put forth in the English language (which is a different thought process than the languages of our traditional ways and culture) as true to the best of our knowledge and ability to bring it forward in language at this time.  No guarantee, warranty, nor argument is hereby issued nor will be put forth as to it's political or social appropriateness, popularity, understanding or acceptance by those who have been deeply affected and influenced by the prejudices and programming of the dominating cultures' philosophies, sciences, "life" styles, religious teachings, accepted historical viewpoints, creeds, records or perspectives, nor its' left brain legalistic views as to it's accuracy.

Legal Council:

Francis A. Boyle, International Lawyer, Professor of Law, University of Illinois College of Law

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