See Newspaper article below documenting Chief Richard Grass march to draw attention to the need for an Indian Memorial to be built at the site of the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

Portions from a 2011 letter from Paul Kahnert to webmaster about his fond memories of his surprise meeting of Chief Grass which led to Pauls’ joining this march is also transcribed below.

Note: Chief Richard Grass was the first to gather relatives to draw attention to, and speak out in protest that there was no memorial to the Lakota and other tribes who fought and won the war at the Battlefield. Though the victors “lost everything”, at least now there IS a memorial to those who courageously fought the U.S. Cavalry attack in defending their peaceful encampment upon their treaty lands. See link here:

A letter was sent to this sites’ webmaster in 2011 from Paul Kahnert of Toronto, Canada, which enclosed photos and this clipping. The letter tells of his very memorable “accidental” meeting of Chief Richard Grass and Pauls’ subsequent joining the above reported march. Not only were he and his young son surprised to find themselves joined to this march, but also interviewed as well in the above newspaper coverage of this event.

As time, resources and energies permit, excerpts of this wonderful letter documenting his trip will be posted here.