2005 – from Chief Grass to U.S.A.National Security Counsel and the Veterans Administration


Email sent to: S. James Anaya, UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples within the United Nations Human Rights System

Dear Mr. Anaya,

Thank you for your continued work on behalf of the rights of indigenous peoples in the U.S.

Attached is a document Reclaiming the Black Hills, which outlines the LDN position and the legal research done on behalf of our nation regarding Reclaiming the Black Hills. This is also posted at our web site at https://www.lakotadakotanakotanation.org/LEGAL%20-%20ReclaimingtheBlackHills.html (this link no longer active in 2013, please view this material now listed at this website = Reclaiming the Black Hills) .

If you have any questions regarding that document, please feel free contact our legal council, Francis A. Boyle, International Lawyer, Professor of Law – University of Illinois College of Law at email address:

The Lakota Dakota Nakota traditional spiritual government was re-established July 19, 1991 at Bear Butte. How and why this was established is outlined in a document I posted on the www.RichardGrass.com web site (this link no longer active in 2013, please view this material now listed and updated at www.LakotaDakotaNakotaNation.org) several weeks ago at this link the Sihasapa Story page – in answer to an email question from a site visitor. Please click on the link Was Albert Grass the “last” Chief in the Sihasapa Story? Click Here for answer.

As his web site documents, Richard is Great Grandson to Chief Charging Bear – John Grass – who tirelessly negotiated and eventually signed all the treaties with the U.S. government. Chief Richard Grass
DONATION was the one who spoke for the LDN nation in refusing money for the Black Hills back in 1980; he spoke at the U.N. in the 1990’s regarding the atrocities endured by LDN nations’ peoples (as he discussed in his online interview 4-28-10 that is linked on his web site).

Chief Richard Charging Bear Grass and I opted not to use Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nation as a web site address (just yet) in posting this material, since there are many hostile factions who have been influenced, motivated by greed, and corrupted by politics, power and control of the dominant culture who have always wished only to silence us. They are well funded. We are not as yet. So, we have used Richards’ name for the main “official” LDN site to date (www.richardgrass.com this link no longer active in 2011 please refer to www.LakotaDakotaNakotaNation.org) and www.LakotaDakotaNakotaNation.org as a site designed to attempt to gain support in appealing to the spiritual ideals of our nation. Our spiritual traditional elders have always understood and considered Inyan oyate (stone nation) as our wise teachers and great great grandparents, and the ones whose powers visit us in our ceremonies from which we have gained courage and strength to continue to look out for the best interests of our nation against unbelievable and often overwhelming forces.

Up until his passing in 2010 and on until this very day, there continues horrific corruption on the reservations, and much of the injustices against our people are ongoing as the imposed IRA and BIA governments continue to have major control and operate unrestrained on the reservation without regard or input of our traditional spiritual values or way of governing, and there is as yet little or no input from many of the reasonable and well educated people within our nation who have since scattered across the U.S. to escape the poverty, alcoholism, drug dealing and abuses, and legal corruption on the reservations.

Our goals match those posted on Richards’ web site, we wish only for justice and a positive future for our generations coming. As the traditionally adopted sister, appointed by, and working closely with Chief Richard Grass
DONATION until his passing in December 2010, and now entrusted by his blood relative descendant and the remaining small band of spiritual traditional elders and chiefs of the Lakota Dakota Nation (what we still consider to be a sovereign nation international) to carry on what Chief Richard left upon his passing, I am a dedicated, self supporting, non paid volunteer continuing to sort through volumes of papers left to me by Chief Richard Grass
in order to continue his work.

It is our constant prayer that work with and through the U.N., as our last and only hope, may work to save the good traditions and sacred ways of our nation and accomplish Chief Richard Grass
Mission Statement and goals as stated on that site.

We look forward with eager eyes that have waited long, to seeing and working in earnest toward peaceful and reasonable solutions to resolve the heartbreaking ongoing neglect and abuse that has shadowed our nation for more than a century.

Please let us, and/or our legal council know what we may do to compliment your courageous efforts on behalf of indigenous peoples in the U.S., and to protect and ensure a future for the LDN Nation upon sacred lands.

Thank you sincerely, for your consideration.

Mitakuye Oyasin,