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If you wish to send a check, please mail to:
Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nation
P.O. Box 144
Mato Tipila (Devils Tower), WY 82714

The Lakota Dakota Nakota Nation is a sovereign international people with a rich spiritual and traditional heritage that has much to offer the world. As caretakers of this land for generations, our ancestors developed sustainable lifeways and healing practices deeply attuned to the rhythms of Mother Earth.

It is in this spirit that we have been collaborating on an Indigenous healing app project – an effort to share the timeless wisdom of our elders with people of all backgrounds, especially the youth who are increasingly reliant on digital technologies. By bridging the teachings of the past with the tools of the present, we seek to empower a new generation to reconnect with the natural world, cultivate inner harmony, and become agents of positive change.

However, as a nation that has endured centuries of attempted cultural erasure, we are selective in how our sacred knowledge is shared. We cannot endorse fictional depictions or exploitative uses of our histories and revered figures. Our focus remains on preserving the integrity of our traditions as we chart a path forward that uplifts our sovereignty and provides healing for all our relations.

We warmly invite you to learn more about the Indigenous healing app and how you can support this grassroots initiative. By fostering greater understanding of our worldviews, grounded in love, respect and sustainability, we believe we can inspire a shift in global consciousness – one that celebrates the diversity of human cultures while recognizing our fundamental interconnectedness as caretakers of this precious planet.

Together, we can shape perspectives and create positive change, honoring the wisdom of the past to build a brighter future for all. Please let us know if you would like additional information about how to get involved.

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Reclaim Your Ancestral Wisdom

We are all human beings, not human doings. It’s time to heal ourselves, our communities, and the world.

Introducing the Indigenous Healing app – a free, community-driven platform designed to guide you on the path of holistic wellness and cultural revitalization. We all have indigenous roots to our ancestors that need to be rediscovered to live in harmony, balance, abundance and peace with Mother Earth.

Download the app now on the Apple App Store or Google Play to:

· Unravel conflicts and find the needed support to unleash your inner power and make the IMPACT required to shape-shift a world united in fear, to a world united in LOVE.

· Discover your unique sovereignty and resonance with the science of the natural ways, as you hone and share your gifts within a community of your global relatives to help heal hearts and nations around the world.

· Join to learn of and invite ALL indigenous to Mother Earth to a humanity healing gathering like no other, to join hands and hearts in a close encounter with one-ness, globally streamed, to Circle the Walk of Peace Path.

Together, let’s rediscover the timeless teachings that can help us all thrive. Join the Indigenous Healing movement today.

If you wish to volunteer your time or send your support donation specifically for the Circle the Walk of Peace Path in planning now to be live-streamed globally on the Summer Solstice 2025, at the U.S. first national monument (the Lakota call Mato Tipila) but re-named “Devils Tower” by the dominant culture controlling our treaty lands (and the famous location of the “Close Encounters” film) please click on the following button to learn more: