The stories handed down by our relatives as well as the following Utube video shows that many of the (Sioux speaking) Monacans left early on to go West. Our ancestors and theirs had similar stories to relate that this departure was due to a vision that came to one of the medicine people that was widely shared that told that soon there would be people coming from “the underworld” to take their lands away from them. Many Lakota believe we are the surviving relatives of these buffalo hunting people who traveled long distances for hunting and trade, but who, for many thousands of years called home these lands on the East Coast.

Our “Sioux” speaking relatives – Monacan Indian Nation – celebrates federal recognition!
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There are now Federally recognized “Sioux” speaking Monacan Nation “indians” in Pennsylvania! SEE Video and press release HERE!

Trump signs bill giving recognition to 6 Virginia tribes, including Monacans!

Click here for February 2018 press release regarding the U.S. Senate on the Monacan recognition!