“Let this be our Preamble and Constitution: Have Respect For All. Now let the remedies and rectification begin for land restoration and reparations.” Chief Richard Grass “Our Traditional spiritual ways have great power, and it is time we worked with that.” excerpt from the writings of Spiritual Traditional Chiefs signed by Reginald Bird Horse, Sr., [then acting] Chief Executive Officer of the Lakota Dakota Nakota National Government, Joseph A. Walker, who was at the time Vice-Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Richard Grass Lakota Dakota Nakota National Government Subject : Lakota Permanent Sovereignty over the Black Hills Sacred Lands ARE integral part of our existence and Traditional Spiritual ways of Sovereign Governance Updated and prepared for signature on the full moon – August 31, 2012

The FOLLOWING DOCUMENT was written in 1992, reviewed and passed unanimously on March 1993 by the Elders and Chiefs, all Traditional Spiritual Headman of the Traditional Spiritual Lakota Dakota Nakota Nation (Oceti Sakowin) re-established at Bear Butte July 14, 1991. At the time when our nations’ traditional spiritual leaders first drafted this document there was little public awareness or consensus among the people within the tribes and few tribal “leaders” claimed any association or interest towards our traditional spiritual diplomatic and peaceful form of governance as most had been completely distracted and/or programmed in the rude, aggressive, materialistic, greedy and disrespectful ways of the dominant culture. This was because our ways of governance had lain dormant and severely oppressed, and suppressed by much misinformation (divide and conquer appeared to work) for so long by the dominant culture that it nearly succeeded in wiping us out as a people, a nation, culture and language groups, as a strong “Sioux” land based culture and society which had lived, freely traveled, traded and successfully thrived upon our sacred lands from time immemorial.

Though we were illegally, rudely and forcibly separated from our traditional spiritual relationship with our sacred lands and life ways while these lands and their rich “resources” were disrespectfully mined, stripped, killed, stolen and sold, our women who remembered the peaceful power of our basically matriarchal society, secretly kept our languages and culture alive. Today the sacred canunpa is still being carried by many in a sacred manner as prayers have continued non-stop towards the hope for truth and justice to prevail towards our peacefully regaining our lands, health and livelihood as a nation. Wopila to these ones and the ones who supported them, and to all those among us who keep our language and respectful ways of living alive through example and the teaching our young ones at home or conduct classes, share our stories and true history, practice and teach our traditional values and who continue to support the Elders keeping up with the authentic ceremonies of our ancestors to continue to keep alive and grow our culture again and in building awareness and appreciation for our strong spiritual heritage so that the people may live.

There, however, remains a great hunger upon our lands and in our hearts to return to the good ways of kinship relationship. Our nation and traditional spiritual form of governance upon our lands needs healing in order to be whole. Thus, on the above date this document was dusted off with a woman’s’ hands, transcribed and updated, and is now being presented to membership of all current tribes, tiospayes, their Elders and Chiefs for approval and to obtain signatures of all current functioning traditional spiritual leadership and tribal members who remain, and for any and all descendants of the signers of the 1851-1868 Treaties who with us still wait for these treaties we have kept to now be honored by the United States Government.

An integral part of our culture and life ways is based on the responsibility given to us as stewards, caretakers, a deeply spiritual relationship with our sacred lands and UNIFIED peaceful, respectful kinship relationships among our peoples and nations. This last century has shown beyond doubt, that without this we cannot thrive.

The culture and form of governance that was still alive and functioning in the mid 1800s and still in our leaders hearts at the time of the Treaty signing, now IS being re-birthed as a functioning body – 7 generations later – just as our ancestors prayed. Oceti Sakowin has prayerfully, peacefully re-birthed and now is the power and full expression of our sovereignty today as may be witnessed below by the vote, signatures of our present leadership and governing representatives per our coming announcement to the world Resolution 93-01 and #93-02, i.e.
Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Permanent Sovereignty over the Black Hills.

We have sent out a prayerful intent that those who may now choose to sign (thus agree to and vote in approval) this document and thus cause to may continue and promote a happy unifying our people again who now seem more than ready to appreciate and look for the governance of our “old” ways and once again thrive upon our traditional sacred lands in unity.

Along with the signatures already obtained of several of those aging Elders here and in Canada still alive who initiated this document in the early 1990s, our International Lawyer has also read and reviewed this document and feels confident that we have a very strong case well within the reach and scope of public sympathy and understanding around the world, as well as within reach of resolution within the principals and statues of International Law, to sufficiently cloud title to any future sale and all illegal use of land in our country (beyond Pe’Sla). Unity of purpose and intent through this docunment may further create problems for future buyers, sellers, and developers throughout our Treaty territories, as a start, and ultimately towards seeing our prayers and hearts life blood come to flower again with the peaceful and just Reclaiming of the Black Hills..
See also – Rights of Indigenous Peoples U.N. Document regarding Free, Prior and Informed Consent

Sacred Steps to Make this Happen:

1. After all necessary signatures have been received and scanned from the papers received at Lakota Dakota Nakota Nation P.O. Box 884, in the Center of the Nation, (Belle Fourche, SD) the scanned signatures will be affixed to the following document.

2. We will then use the world wide web site, emails, social media and press releases to send this document to everyone we know to ask for help from all those with computers within our nation and around the world in order to send it out to all governments, officials, corporations and United Nations groups and publicize it throughout the worldwide media to show our unity, resolve, and bring attention to and effect the change we all desire – the peaceful and legal and diplomatic Reclaiming of the Black Hills through our traditional spiritual and peaceful governnance.

3. Then….the true work of Oceti Sakowin truly begins…. There are many documents prepared by the Oceti Sakowin in the 1990s in this office that will yet need to be scanned, transcribed and posted on this web site to greatly help in this – public relations work as well as organizational work to bring the governance of Oceti Sakowin into beautiful flower in these modern times to bless all our relations.

4. Much of the groundwork has already been done by those who now oversee this work from the spirit world. Some of the documents in our offices they left us will, of course, be for your eyes only (traditional spiritual Chiefs, Headmen, Elders in respected place in positions of oversight and responsibility in places of benevolent trust to benefit and heal our people and nation). This is why there is place for your email address on the signature form, as this is the fastest and least expensive way to communicate. However, we may use whatever means we have (telephone, U.S. mail, and arranging meetings in person for all members) as time, opportunity, needs dictate and as funding becomes available for such through future efforts of Oceti Sakowin as remedies, rectifications and reparations are progressively negotiated and won. As with our wise ancestors, we do not approach these things without long thinking, prayer, direction from the powers we beseech in kinship relationship, toward effective, efficient , and the most abundant benefit for the people, so that the people and future generations may live!

Our International Lawyer stands ready to help with any “negotiations” with the U.S. Government or upon the world stage with the World Court in order to make this a peaceful and diplomatically viable endeavor once the impact of this resolution has been publicized enough in order to create the desired results in public opinion and awareness.

Many documents in our offices prepared by early members of Oceti Sakowin in the 1990’s outline well thought out ideas on just how to proceed to gradually move back into the Black Hills in an orderly, peaceful, respectful, diplomatic traditional, spiritual, and organized way. They show ways of encouraging and keeping the peace and livelihood vital for the peoples now living in our territories, while we educate and move steadily and effectively towards once again honoring our sacred sites and sacred ways of life once again upon our lands.

Will you be ready to put this into practice in the ways of prayer, wisdom, balance, harmony, abundance, peace for all our relations so that we can successfully regain health as a nation, that the people and future generations may LIVE? If so, please read, sign, mail your signature page showing unity and support of
Resolution 93-01 and #93-02, i.e.
Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Permanent Sovereignty over the Black Hills.

Traditional & Spiritual International Government formed by descendants of Traditionally appointed Dynastic Line of
Grand Chiefs of the General Council of the
Great “Sioux” Nation

P.O. Box 144
MATO TIPILA (Devils Tower), WY 82714

Drafted and Approved unanimously by the Lakota Tiospaye Council March 1993 Signed and hereby made public and instituted by all signers who now embody the current expression of our Traditional Spiritual Seven Council Fires form of governance – Oceti Sakowin

August 31, 2012

To All to Whom It May Concern:

“The Lakota (“Sioux”) have no intention of depriving anyone of their equity or just title. In simpler terms, the Lakota have a proprietary right as principal, and the U.S. as agent has made huge profits and incurred great losses using the lands, resources, and peoples of the Lakota region. The losses are now so great that the principal must institute special measures to correct the problem because the principal is the one upon whom such a duty is incumbent. Thus the Lakota Chiefs have several projects in mind … that should also benefit the world at large, one being, the creation of the www.LakotaDakotaNakotaNation.org website to serve our citizenry, gather and unite Oceti Sakowin in a dignified and unified organizational approach and to thus best reach our Mission Statement and Goals to bless all our relations…”
Chief Charging Bear (Richard Deo Grass) Chief 2010

<strong>Lakota Tiyospaye Council Of the Lakota Nation
Resolution #93-01 and #93-02
Lakota Permanent Sovereignty over the Black Hills</strong>

WHEREAS; The Dahcotahs aka Lakota Nation which has survived to this day in three language divisions of the Seven Council Fires (Oceti Sakowin) – i.e. Lakota (Tituwan), Dakota (Mdewakantunwan, Wahpetunwan, Wahpekute, Sisitunwan), and Nakota (Ihanktunwan, Ihanktunwani) and is comprised of the bands and tribes commonly known as the Sihasapa, Hunkpapa, Oglala, Mnecowaju/Howoju, Itazlpco, Oohenupa, Brule, Assinaboines, Gros-Ventre, Mandans and Arrickaras Nations that were party to and recognized in the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851, the continuity of which has been solidified and documented in our day at our web site wwww.LakotaDakotaNakotaNation.org by the direction of its appointed Elders, and Chiefs, and

WHEREAS; The Lakota Nation is defined is the indigenous holders of allodial title within the bioregional linguistic kinship related areas as defined in this jurisdictional resolution, and

WHEREAS; The bioregional linguistic kinship area and all its resources within The L.D.N Nation are necessary for the physical health and spiritual well being of the sovereign people of The L.D.N Nation, and

WHEREAS; The sovereign people of the historic spiritual traditional tribal government of The L.D.N. Nation can no longer tolerate third party interference into its jurisdiction by the States of South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Nebraska and/or agents of these states in the form of limited liability corporations or municipal or county governments

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that The L.D.N. Nation boundaries as defined through traditional markers to include but not limited to all lands, water, air and resources within the bioregional area as defined in the Fort Laramie Treaty between the nations of the Sioux or Dahcotahs, Cheyennes, Arapahoes, Crows, Assinaboines, Gros-Ventre, Mandans and Arrickaras (as mentioned above) and the government of the United States of America on the Seventeenth day of September A.D., One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty-One, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the band and traditional and spiritual tribal government of The L.D.N. Nation working as Agent for the sovereign members of the bands and tribes now asserts its suzerain/sovereign trust responsibility throughout the bioregional linguistic kinship related area as defined above, and hereby includes protection for the traditional spiritual tribal councils (Oceti Sakowin) and its’ citizenry against interference of third parties in the form of State or Federal Governments or their licensed agents,

WE HEREBY WE NOW CLAIM Lakota Permanent Sovereignty over the Black Hills bioregion as defined in the Treaty, and hereby announce that absolutely no one has any right to further buy, sell, develop, or mine even one square millimeter of this area from this date forward without our express approval and consent.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that with our sacred Canunpa (PEACE pipe) before us and our traditional spiritual ways of governance now re-awakened and re-established, our nation now stands ready to further define and express our ancient ways of governance in a modern day to the world, a peaceful, just and civil nation, as we move ahead to respectfully govern and bless our peoples and territories along with those many peoples of other nations who now reside in our territories

As we now move to re-establish ourselves upon our territories in a peaceful, legal, timely and organized manner with peaceful intent towards a just, informed and truthful resolution, rectification, repatriation, and remedies, we trust the international community will oversee our resolve to succeed in fulfilling our Mission Statement and Goals as set forth by International Chief Richard Grass
– Charging Bear.

We pray all the details may be amicably worked out and implemented through diplomatic meetings between our appointed leaders from the Seven Council Fires (Oceti Sakowin), our International Lawyer, and the United States and/or United Nations representatives, or through our right to be heard and awarded our Treaty lands by International Tribunals.

Our long time desire is and remains to live in peace with all nations while we may freely once again restore the continuity of our nation and culture that successfully lived on this continent eons before settlers from other continents and nations “discovered” these lands. We desire now to live upon and oversee the nurturance of our territories with the freedom to live and flower as our original Chiefs who signed the Treaties of 1851 – 1868 wished, so that we may walk once again in a sacred manner to bless all our remaining relations upon and within our homelands and all future generations upon Mother Earth.

Mitakuye Oyasin
If you wish your signature to be scanned and included on this Resolution, please click on PRINT FORM, print it, complete it, sign it, and mail to:
Lakota Dakota Nakota Nation
P.O. Box 144
Mato Tipila (Devils Tower), WY 82714
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Following are the Elders, Chiefs who drafted, unanimously passed and signed Resolution 92-01 in March 1983