Sacred Lands ARE integral part of our existence and ways of Governance:

“Since the Oceti Sakowin flourished on the clan system that operated on a hereditary form of government, governance, on a large scale began to unravel when there was a shift to a different lifestyle. Quote from Oceti_Sakowin_Kin2.pdf (broken link was originally to the PDF file created by the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, which has since been removed)

As shown by the history documented on the above pdf – If the “Sioux” are ever to successfully return to “Traditional-Spiritual” governance of our ancestors, the hereditary heritage and council system needs to be re-discovered and practiced in freedom again and in relationship with our sacred lands. The medicine herb for healing our nation IS within and upon these lands, and forced separation from the land has proven dis-ease ridden and disastrous for us. This website documents the modern day re-forming of such a government through the line of Charging Bear towards the forming and re-establishing on our lands of what remains in heart, soul and spirit of the traditional, spiritual Oceti Sakowin.

We are a people who can never be fully healed as human beings and as a nation until we can walk again in a sacred manner in the Traditional Spiritual ways of Oceti Sakowin (which form of governance was intricately and intimately dependant on our being upon and living in relationship with and upon the lands entrusted to us as caretakers) upon our sacred lands.

Thus our sovereignty can never be fully expressed in the ways of our ancestors without our lands. Please feel free to spread the URL of our traditional spiritual LDN web site to any and all who wish to peacefully and finally legally reclaim through the power of the world wide web and through wise use of the International Laws, through the U.N. and other International channels to finally peacefully resolve this issue and begin to reclaim what has been lost to us for too long.

Indigenous Rights and Cultures: Lakota Nation – reports a 2004 meeting at Pine Ridge

The Forgotten People of Pine Ridge – 2004 UNPO article

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