A message from Pine Ridge: Lakota sisters of the White Bufalo Calf Woman bring hope to the nation (a transcript of the following Press release follows)

Transcript of the above press release:

When the Lakota Nation was suffering, a woman, the White Buffalo Calf Woman, brought the people hope through the pipe and they lived to flourish.

Today, there is in our nation much despair and feelings of hopelessness and we must, as women, begin to use the White Buffalo Calf Woman’s example and fully realize our roles as Lakota women to bring changes to our nation.

We experience and recognize the need to take positive action through an organized women’s effort. Through one mind, we will address and focus on the following issues:

▀ Protection and preservation of the family and our children’s future through organized advocacy.

▀Education and strengthening of the culture through spiritual guidance of our respected elders.

▀Develop a sense of Lakota identity and nationhood.

▀Protect the land through support efforts of organized groups.

▀Support women in their roles as the foundation of the tribe.

▀Seek an alliance of women in each district of our reservations.

▀Research and prepare information on current issues affecting our welfare.

We come from all walks of life here on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

We are mothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters, grandmothers, aunts, nieces, relatives through Hunka and by blood ties.

We are the Oglala Lakota Women’s Society.


Keep us from pettiness: Let us be big in thought, word and deed.

We want to be done with fault-finding and leave off self-seeking.

Let us put away pretense and false-hoods and seek out each other, face to face. We will not be prejudiced and we are without self-pity.

We do not make hasty judgments. We will take care of our tongues.

We will always be and remain generous.

We will take time needed for all things. We will grow calm, serene and gentle. We will practice patience.

We will take time out in our daily lives to seek out our souls and we will throw out the torment, troubles, anxieties and that which does not belong.

Help us, we want to put into action our impulses in a straightforward and un-afraid manner. Keep us always true and fair.

Bless us so we understand that the little things that create dissension, jealousy, aggravation and others can be changed to unity and happiness and that in the big things of life we are one as we endeavor to touch and to know the human heart of us all.


We wish to be forever kind!

Mitakuye Oyasin