“Sioux”/Lakota/Oceti Sakowin/Seven Council Fires/Buffalo Nation/LDN

In reference to the word “Sioux “ in these documents, and throughout this web site, we are The Lakota Dakota Nakota Traditional and Spiritual Government, a Sovereign Nation International which form a free spirited, diverse and free ranging sovereign government . Its governmental expression and citizenry may also be understood to be and is often referenced by it’s shortened form, i.e. The LDN Nation, sometimes also referred to as The Lakota or The Lakota Nation (although in fact we encompass many more bands and tribes than the “Lakota Nation” implies). In addition to the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota tribes (whose many citizens now reside throughout the “United” States, Canada and abroad), in our way of kinship relationship, we include what remains today specifically all of the descendants, peoples and tribes of those nations who signed with us the Treaties of 1851 – 1868.

This is a unique, traditional and spiritual government that walks the Red Road with our sacred cannupa before us (Peace Pipe), which re-established itself in the 1980s and in a solemn assembly along with an authentic traditional spiritual ceremony at Bear Butte July 1991 Chief Richard Deo Grass – Charging Bear – was officially installed and appointed as the heir and modern day successor to the John Grass dynasty of Chiefs (John Grass – Charging Bear – family of Chiefs were present at and signed both of the Treaties referred to throughout this web site, John Grass was a major strategist at the Battle of the Little Big Horn and went to Washington on numerous occasions in noble attempts to negotiate with U.S. officials on behalf of the LDN Nations’ peoples).

This www.LakotaDakotaNakotaNation.org web site has been established in order to give a peaceful place and respectful forum with which to educate and unite our people as intended by our ancestors who prayerfully signed the treaties, now SEVEN GENERATIONS later; to document these facts and make them public throughout the world and to re-establish our natural kinship relationship upon our lands to bless all our relations. Mitakuye Oyasin. Through this means we hope to bring attention to and publish the truth of our history, in part by putting into print manuscripts about the life and times of Chief John Grass passed down to our family for publication in these times.

This government was and has always been integrally involved in still in holding to the Treaties of 1851 – 1868 and is totally committed to seeing them honored fully by both parties. Although we welcome and embrace any who walk in a sacred manner in traditional spiritual ways of our ancestors (regardless of their race or affiliations in the dominant culture), this LDN Government operates and is separate and distinct from any other forms of “government” ,movements, self publicized “holy leaders”, corporations, 501c “non-Profit” establishments or U.S. Government sponsored organizations and social or tribal government or militant backed groups or corporate sponsored programs expressed upon “Sioux” lands and territories per the findings, statements and documents on this official web site and hereby presented.

Many of the entire original legal documents on this web site remain on file not only at the U.S. Government and United Nations offices to where they were sent at that time. The entire Richard Deo Grass collection has been gifted in 2014 by surviving sister to Chief Grass to the University of South Dakota to be archived and made available to future generations. Copes also reside at the offices of the Lakota Dakota Nakota Nation in the Center of the Nation. We ask that you use this information to educate all peoples of our position and situation and to help carry our cause to peaceful resolution on the world stage so that our traditional spiritual nation may thrive and live once again on our sacred lands in the natural way promised us. Also we ask that you please respect our Copyright statement.