“These men, Red Cloud, Gall, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, had they been permitted to grow and expand, would have held up our Dakotah Nation to the admiration of the world, I believe. But they are all dead now.
It is my opinion that, if this nation had been left alone, had been permitted to work out their own salvation as other young nations have done before and since, when they first came into touch with the effects of civilization, they would have produced some fine specimens of mental manhood.
They would have become capable of seeing their destiny and the responsibility of government and advancement along the lines of civilized customs, and seeing it, they would have developed the power of thought and mentality which would have carried this nation to an apex of respect and admiration among the great nations and peoples of the world.
I am sure of this.
I am sorry we were not permitted to do this.
We wanted to.”